Per our By-Laws, the SAYRA Race Management Committees purpose is

  • To maintain and improve the quality of race management
  • To hold race management training sessions at associate and club levels
  • To publish and disseminate training materials
  • To offer consultation; and
  • To promote the US Sailing Association Race Officers Program.


To meet our mission, below are our 2017 Goals:

  • Use the new SAYRA Website for group communications
  • Follow-up with prior year(s) expirations
  • Build a Race Officers Locational Map
  • Share Best Practices
  • Schedule & Execute US Sailing Race Officer Certification Course
  • Line up additional communication helps


Our list of certified race officers has dropped from 67 this time last year to 52.   Most of those 52 are from just a few SAYRA clubs.   SAYRA leads the nation in promoting quality race management training and club race management support.  We need to build our support team back up.   Key to doing so are our Race Management Seminars.


US Sailing Race Management Seminars

Plans are in the works for the following

One Day Race Management Seminar

Mar 25,  South Carolina Yacht Club at Windmill Harbor on Hilton Head Island,

Contact: Billy Bremer

Race Mgmt Seminar prior to Charleston Race Week, April 19-20 or there abouts,  Contact JD Rosser.


Organizing a Race Management Seminar 



SOARS has been updated to gather more information on the our events and help our certified race officers keep track of their activities.   Using SOARS


The Racing Rules of Sailing are published every four years.   2017 starts a new quad.  The digital Racing Rules of Sailing for 2017-2020 and the US Sailing Bookstore app (Apple version) are now available in the Apple App Store. We expect the Android version of the app will be available soon.  You can add you email to the notification list – Android RRS2017-2012 Coming Soon


To get your copy of the app, go to the App Store and download the US Sailing Bookstore app. Then click the red “Member Login” button and log in with your US Sailing Member ID and password.  You will be able to download the Racing Rules of Sailing digital publication within the bookstore app.


For complete directions on downloading the app and the rulebook and navigating within the rulebook, please visit


If you need help retrieving your Member ID and password, please email or call 1-800-877-2451 to speak with a member experience representative.


You can also request a free paper copy of the new Racing Rules of Sailing today.


Click on the link below to see what other SAYRA members are saying abou the new RRS mobile App

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2016 AGM Race Management Report – Historical Archives