How to Apply for:

US Sailing Championship Event Grants 

Events qualifying for reimbursement under this section include all US Sailing Area D Regional Championship Events and US Sailing National Championship Events as set forth by US Sailing.


Requirements:  Funding under this section is contingent upon: 

  1. Receipt of a satisfactory application including appropriate documentation of SAYRA and US Sailing membership;
  2. Satisfactory evidence that the event was attended by the applicant and completed in a sportsmanlike manner, 
  3. Satisfactory documentation of actual out-of-pocket expenses.
  4. Requests for reimbursement should be submitted within 30 days of an event in order to be considered.  


  1. The total of all grants for a single championship shall not exceed $5,000. 
  2. Preference will be given to those who entered the semifinal event and submitted application within the 30 days..  

What is covered and specific limits:

  1. Transportation   
    • Reimbursement is for actual transportation costs limited to $500 per person up to $2,000 per team. This includes air transportation, rental car or reimbursement for miles driven.   Reimbursement for air transportation is limited to the lowest available airfare.  Reimbursement for travel by car, limited to one reimbursement per team, will be at the greater of 50% of the federal guideline mileage rate for business miles in effect at the date of the event or actual gas receipts.
  2. Event Registration Fee 
    • Reimbursement in full unless this fee is paid directly by Area D. 
  3. Charter Fee:  
    • Reimbursement in full is provided up to $500 per boat.
  4. Meals (National events only):  
    • Support for meals expense, if not provided by the organization sponsoring the regatta, is provided at the lesser of the IRS daily per diem amount per participant or one-half of the actual cost. 
  5. Housing (National events only):  
    • Support for housing expense, if not provided by the organization sponsoring the regatta, is provided at one-half of the actual cost.

Questions contact the Grants Committee: 



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