A Qualified Applicant can apply to gain financial support from the Helen Hanley Memorial Fund if they meet all this criteria. 

Here's how to figure out if you qualify!  

  • Participate in an event that is either:
    • An US Sailing Regional Area D Championship or 
    • An US Sailing National Championship Event, or
    • A Certified Training Program, especially for youth and youth training certification, or
    • An USODA National Event, (national level Opti event)
  • Be a member, for 6 months prior to the event, of an Organization that is
    • a SAYRA Member Organization or 
    • a SAYRA Associate Member Organization
    • SAYRA Direct Individual, Family or Jr. Memberships do not qualify
  • A Member Organization or Associate Member Organization must be a SAYRA member for 2 consecutive years prior to the event.
  • The member, member's spouse or member's children (less than 25 years of age) of both organization membership types are eligible.
  • Applicants MUST represent SAYRA at the event 
  • Applicants MUST conduct themselves and crew in a Sportsmanlike manner.

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