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Chip Till

SAYRA Race Management Chair

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SAYRA Race Management Committee

Warren Collier – Georgia (RRO, RJ)

JD Rosser – Area D ARO (RRO, NJ)

Jerry Thompson – North Carolina (RRO, NJ)

Chip Till – South Carolina (NRO, CJ)


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Race Management Presentations


Jerry Thompson - Scorekeeping OA & RC


JD Rosser - US Sailing Area D ARO


Chip Till - 2022 SAYRA Race Management Update

World Sailing case 82

World Sailing case 129

2022 SAYRA B.I.M.B.O. Award



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2021-2024 World Sailing RRS


2021-2024 US Sailing Prescriptions



Race Management Presentations

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Pursuit Race - Best Practices

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