In January of 1986, SAYRA established an award to honor individuals who over the years make significant and outstanding contributions in service to the South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association. This award was named for and dedicated to Dr. H. Willard Davis, who for many years was Executive Secretary and Treasurer of SAYRA, representing SAYRA on the YRA Council of the United States Yacht Racing Union, was the Regional Administrative Judge for US SAILING, and is an International Judge Emeritus for US SAILING. He set a shining example of service for all who knew him and followed in his footsteps. Willard Davis brought honor to SAYRA through his judging major regattas throughout the United States; and he has earned the respect and admiration of his peers in the international judging community for his superior knowledge of the racing rules and his calm, compassionate demeanor as he performed his duty as he saw fit. 


This award is a fitting tribute to Willard Davis and serves as appropriate recognition and thanks from SAYRA to those individuals who over the years give of themselves in service to the South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association and their fellow yachtsman. 


The committee to select the award winner consists of the last five recipients of the award and the commodore and the immediate past two commodores. The chair of the selection committee is the next to the last recipient. The award does not have to be given every year. When the award is given, it will be presented at the Annual General Meeting of SAYRA. 


Recipients of the H. WILLARD DAVIS SERVICE AWARD are: 

1986 H. Willard Davis 

1987 Staton J. Peele, Jr. 

1988 John A. S. (Jack) Brown 

1989 Dr. Hallam Walker 

1990 William J. F. Doscher 

1991 Donald J. Sweet 

1992 Arthur E. Menke and Ruth Creighton 

1993 Mason R. Chrisman 

1994 Ann Boyd Farmelo 

1995 John W. "Bud" Sweet 

1996 Joseph M. James 

1997 John Baker 

1998 Harry Jones 

1999 John H. Lee, Jr.

2000 Robert K. Creighton, Jr. 

2001 Russ Burleson 

2002 William B. Ross 

2003 Arland Whitesides 

2004 Carla Lewis Moore 

2005 Sarah Ashton 

2006 Bob Bowden 

2007 Dick McGillivray 

2008 Linda Bowden 

2009 John Slater 

2010 JC Moore 

2011 Carrie Rohde 

2012 Hank Goodman 

2013 Ryan Hamm 

2014 Burton and Judy Howell 

2015 Martine Zurinskas 

2016 Robert and Jane Key

2017 Treez Decker 

2018 JD Rosser

2019 Ken Gorni - Lake Norman YC

2020 Dan Machowski - JIYC