How to Apply for: 

Training Event Grant 



  1. All applicants must be pre-approved by the Chairman of the Helen Hanley Fund Committee prior to attending the course. 
  2. Proof of registration must be provided along with a copy of certification of successful completion.   
  3. All Applications must (or should) be submitted within 30 days of completing the training event.

What is Covered and their Limits:

  1. Expenses incurred from hosting an organized training session.
    • Member and Associate Member Clubs of SAYRA who host training events supervised by the SAYRA Training Committee may apply for reimbursement of actual out-of-pocket net expenses under this section.
    • The maximum reimbursement will be $3000 in a calendar year.  This reimbursement is meant to be supplemental only to help offset any possible financial loss.
    • SAYRA members should get a reduced cost to participate in these clinics.
  2. The Course Fees for: US Sailing Level Training; US Sailing Motorboat Handling Training; and Safety, Rescue, and Support Training.
    • Participants in US Sailing training courses qualify for reimbursement of up to $200 of the early registration course fee 
    • Participants must satisfactory complete the course
    • Reimbursement will not be granted if the fee was paid or is payable by the Member Organization.
  3. Attendance at the National Sail Training Symposium
    • Funding up to $500 per person may be provided 
    • Must be pre-approved and represent SAYRA
    • There will be a maximum of $1500 total for the event.  

 Questions contact Windy Key


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