September Notes from Commodore

The Strength of the Sailing Community


The sailing community is known for being special, going above and beyond for a fellow sailor. On a regular basis, we house out-of-towners for regattas, trailer boats for one another, and genuinely care for each other. When meteorologists predicted Hurricane Irma's path through Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, the sailing community took immediate action opening their homes to fellow sailors displaced by the hurricane, moving and storing boats, and assisting with clean-up. Thank you to all those who have helped and are continuing to do so.


While we had plenty of warning about Hurricane Irma, that's not always the case. Heavy weather can come in at any, and it is important to know what to do, especially if you cannot reach a safe harbor. US Sailing offers a Safety at Sea course that addresses this topic as well as others such as what to do if someone falls overboard, and selecting the correct storm sails and emergency communications equipment. There is also a program specifically geared to teenage sailors called Junior Safety-at-Sea. To learn more or sign up for a Safety-at-Sea course, visit


The football season is underway, which means fall sailing is as well. While we live in a region where we can sail year-round, a favorite time to sail is the fall. Be sure to carve out a few dates this fall to introduce sailing to a few friends, or spend time in the boat with a novice sailor. If you enjoy teaching, consider taking it to the next level and get certified. For the dates and locations of US Sailing Levels 1, 2 and 3 certification courses, go to

See you on the water!


Bryce Dryden


South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association

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