Words from the Commodore



Commodore’s Log


Summer is upon us, but what normally would be sailing season in full force is, well, sailing season in partial force.  Thus far many regattas and some summer camps been cancelled while others are being held.  Organizers are struggling with the right mix of interaction and caution.  We at SAYRA have tried to facilitate discussions between clubs so that information can shared.  The reality is that there is no “right” answer – only the most informed answer.


I am heartened by the creativity that sailors have demonstrated during the pandemic.  Zoom is now a part of everyone’s lexicon.  SAYRA’s  own Chip Till and J.D. Rosser have facilitated online learning sessions for race management and judging – and actually found that this medium can be a great tool for sharing information in these important areas.  Summer camp directors have figured out ways to socially distance their charges and keep this important avenue to new sailors alive.  Martine Zurinskas, who serves on the Board of US Sailing, has been a fabulous conduit for innovative ideas from other parts of the country.  It hasn’t been all doom and gloom.


As I write this, the COVID-19 case rate continues to climb in South Carolina, which is a gentle reminder that we all need to be careful.  Many in our sport do fit in an at risk category, so let’s be respectful of others.  The really cool kids wore buffs the last couple of seasons to ward off the sun, so I’ll be delighted to join them in the boat park with my US Sailing and Quantum Sails buffs.  They might make me slightly more cool (can anything?), but at least I’ll be helping the gang next to me.


Maybe the après la voile won’t be as hopping this year, but the sailing will still be good.  And socially distant (at least for single handers).  Let’s support our sport and give the volunteers an extra thanks for the work that they are putting in this year.

Your faithful Commodore
Robert Key