Words from the Commodore



Greetings from your Commodore....

When I was in high school and college back in the 70’s, the Commodore of SAYRA might begin this column with a comment about “the start of the racing season.”  Fact of the matter is, with the advent of technical gear, racing season is just about yearlong now, so the summer isn’t really the start of racing.  However, it does focus attention on a number of SAYRA open regattas sponsored by our member clubs.  Traveling “the Circuit” is always a ton of fun for the Key family – a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.  Those of us who have done it over the years know what I’m talking about. 


I’m also reminded that getting on the Circuit can be a bit intimidating to new racers or club racers that want to spread their wings a bit.  A word of encouragement to your fellow club members who might fit in either category can go a long way to getting them on the road.  Introduce them to some of the secrets you’ve learned and people you met over the years.  Maybe they will get hooked like you!


On another note, I am super excited that the inaugural SAYRA Women’s’ Championship is this weekend in Charleston.  Nine teams are signed up – what a great turnout! Click here for the list. Many thanks to Naomi Vandenburgh for her efforts in pulling this regatta together.


All Clubs – it’s time to get your teams ready for the SAYRA Club Championship on September 14th.  We already have two teams signed up – get your entry in early!  For information, check the SAYRA website or contact Patrick Chisum directly:  pchisum@gmail.com.  Bragging rights are at stake!


Hike hard!    Robert