The SAYRA Sportsmanship Award is presented from time to time to a SAYRA sailor or sailors who exemplifies the traditional Corinthian values of fair play and concern for fellow competitors. Winners will be nominated for US Sailing’s W.Van Allen Clark, Jr. Sportsmanship trophy. Member clubs of SAYRA may nominate sailors for this award by addressing a letter to the Commodore of SAYRA recommending the award, with full descriptive justification. The award is intended to recognize specific, salient incidents of sportsmanship on the water, but may also be recommended for a lifetime’s contribution to sportsmanship as an ideal. Awards should be received by the Commodore before Nov 1st of each year. The SAYRA Executive Committee will make the award at the SAYRA Annual General Meeting, and will forward their nomination of the winner to US SAILING to be considered for the Van Allen Clark trophy. 




Recipients of the SAYRA SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD are: 

1990 Martine Rawlings - Columbia Sailing Club 

1991 Richard Schultz - Lake Townsend Yacht Club 

1992 Paul Eckenroth - Outrigger Yacht Club 

1993 Curtiss and Minna Torrance - Lake Norman Yacht Club 

1994 A. Mills Kinghorn - Beaufort Yacht & Sailing Club 

1995 Keith Chiswell - Western Carolina Sailing Club 

1996 Randy Hord - Lake Norman Yacht Club 

1997 Don and Marilyn Corey - Outrigger Yacht Club 

1998 Leslie Martin - Western Carolina Sailing Club 

1999 William B. Ross - Lake Norman Yacht Club 

2000 Keith Rawlings - Columbia Sailing CLub

2001 Joe Waters - Columbia Sailing Club 

2002 Jeff Annis - Augusta Sailing Club 

2003 Jeff Umberger - Lake Lanier Sailing Club 

2004 Not Awarded 

2005 Benton Whitesides - Carolina YC NC

2006 Not Awarded 

2007 JD Reddaway - Lake Lanier Sailing Club 

2008 Chip and Arland Whitesides - Carolina Yacht Club, NC 

2009 Not Awarded 

2010 Palmer McArthur 

2011 Not Awarded 

2012 Not Awarded 

2013 Michael Reddaway - Lake Lanier SC

2014 Not Awarded 

2015 Not Awarded 

2016 Not Awarded

2018 Tommy Harken - Carolina YC SC

2019 Shelby Hatcher - Atlanta YC

2020 John Young - Columbia SC

2021 Rich Horton - Columbia SC

2022 Reggie Fairchild - Carolina Yacht Club SC

2023 Joe Reyes - Columbia Sailing Club





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