2023 Reference Material


RSA Sailing Leadership Forum Update Feb. 2023


AGM Agenda 2023


SAYRA Saturday AM meeting presentation


Thank you to all our guest speakers who shared their knowledge with SAYRA.  Presentations will be added below as we get them. Thank you!


Jerry Thompson, Carolina SC Judges Committee

Rule 42:  Video link  Presentation 

Rule 42 Interpretations 

Scoring Presentation

Junior Committee Report

Junior Committee Report Jan 2023  

Charlotte Hicks, CYC1853

CYC1853 RC Volunteer Strategy

CYC1853 Race Committee Training Presentation 

Alicia Smith, CYC1853

Club Marketing 101

Club Champs Co-Chairs 

Sarah Schaill-Colarrusso & Scott Weller

Club Champs Preview 2023

Treez Decker, LNYC, RSA Rep

RSA Update Jan 2023

John Fisher, Gowrie Risk Management GOWRIE Presentation






2021 Reference Material


      Lunch-n-Learn 3/3/21  Becoming the BEST OA (Organizing Authority) you can be! 

      Presentation 3/3/21


COVID protocol for Midwinters 


2020 Sailing Leadership Presentations


Lunch-n-Learn 2/3/21 Skill UP App Access Passcode: &T2E+4H? 


Program Directors Roundtable Zoom LINK

SAYRA Youth Racing Pathway

Jr Instructor Development Pathway


2021 Annual Virtual Meeting information 


1/26 Regional Sailing Session hosted by Treez Decker 

Presentation HERE


 1/27 Championships Session hosted by Patrick Chisum

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: c53%qm1H


1/27 Leadership Roundtable Session hosted by Commodore Pete Marriott  

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: HW!x56*W


1/28 Race Officials Webinar hosted by Chip Till/Jerry Thompson/Ken Gorni

RM Presentation

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: S=6StEVU 


1/28 Junior Committee Meeting hosted by JR Team

JR Presentation

Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: w#Su4Cmb




Annual Meeting Presentation


Meeting Recording:

Access Passcode: wCMt7*kL


2020 Program & COVID Reference Guide 

 SAIL Newport COVID Document LINK

Aspen Project Play - Covid19LINK

SADLER Insurance Article: Sport Organizations & Covid 19 LINK

2020 Pursuit Race Best Practices  LINK

2020 RC "Lite" Best Practices LINK

2020 Rabbit Starts Info LINK

2020 US Sailing - Adapting Jr Programs LINK

USSCMC Business Operating Plan During COVID19 05/08/20 LINK

US Sailing Guidance for Jr Sailing Programs during Covid19 5/8/2020   LINK

US Sailing Return to Competition 5/8/2020 LINK


SAYRA YC Leadership Recorded Call 5-5-2020 LINK  login code 4Z%19.@k

5/14/2020 Regatta Network WAITLIST How to guide - LINK

5/15/2020 CDC Camp Decision Tree   LINK

5/15/20 - The American Camp Association is starting to release parts of it's "Field Guide for Camps Implementation of CDC Guidance" (HIGHLY RECOMMEND the ACA resources) 


5/15/20 - US Sailing has simplified sailing instructions, which are a good start for your simplified COVID-19 local regattas: https://www.ussailing.org/competition/rules-officiating/racing-rules/simple-sailing-instructions/

5/15/20 - Project Play continues to crank out great articles and webinars about Youth Sports during COVID-19: https://www.aspenprojectplay.org/coronavirus-and-youth-sports




US Sailing Resource Guides

2020 Reference Guide

2019 Staff Report

US Sailing Starboard Portal



Information shared at the 2020 Regional symposium/AGM

Social Media 101 HERE

2020 Regional Symposium Presentation HERE

Regional Symposium Breakout Sessions Ideas HERE

Top Tips By Betsy HERE

SIEBEL Sailors Program HERE   and VIDEO

RC101 FREE Presentation HERE

Instructor Recertificaiton HERE

First Sail HERE

Race Official Certificaiton Programs HERE

Member Benefits HERE

Siebel KEYNOTE presentation HERE

Area D Coordinator Update HERE

SAYRA Area Rep Presentation Treez HERE



2019 National Sailing Program Symposium Presentation Archives HERE


2019 Regional Symposium Presentation HERE

2019 US Sailing video HERE


Gowrie Burgee Program Information - Program info HERE

Gowrie Safety Information HERE

Emergency Action PLAN Template HERE

Corpus Christi Sustainable Event Plan Youth Worlds HERE

US Sailing Coaches Symposium HERE

US Sailing Social Media Guide for beginners HERE

US Sailing Leadership Forum PROMO HERE 2020 San Diego Feb 6-8

US Sailing Strategic Plan HERE

Gowrie Drone Safety HERE

2018 Reach IMPACT Report HERE

US Sailing Instructor Course requirements:  US Sailing adult-level membership is required for registration in all instructor/counselor courses except Sailing and Windsurfing Counselor.  You must use your individual membership to register, not your organizations. Course fees are not refundable except in situations when a course is cancelled due to under-enrollment.


 Want to add something to share with your fellow SAYRA sailors - send it to sailing.sayra@gmail.com 


National Sailing Program Symposium INFO
Ask Youth Sailors What they Want Presentation LINK


2018 Annual Meeting Shared Reference INFORMATION 


CYC Safety Plan

Social Media Policy 

Jr Code of Ethics SAYRA

US Sailing Safe Sport Information

Race Management Resources


Reach Video - Mod 1

This is Sailing Video

LLSC EAP (laminated and used at club/in boats)








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