Why is it so important to use social media?

Social media platforms are another form of marketing. Your messaging can reach further, quicker and easier than any traditional media marketing can. Many individuals find it comforting to see first hand what your program is about, how it is run, and what kind of benefits it can bring to them. Using social media to share the amazing things that are happening at your club or sailing center will create awareness and ultimately invite people to be a part of something great they may not have been aware of in the past!

Capturing Sailors Using Social Media

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  • Facebook is great for keeping current members and potential members in the loop in many ways, whether that be through status updates or posting photos and videos
  • Facebook also gives you the opportunity to create awareness about an event you may be hosting, such as a regatta or fundraiser. You can invite your Facebook friends or public viewers to that event, give them all the details and can constantly update information about the event whenever you please
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  • Using Instagram allows you to connect with your members or potential members in multiple ways, whether that be through Instagram posts, stories, Instagram TV or going Live.
  • Instagram is great for keeping members updated on events and promotions happening whether that day or the next day and letting people follow along with what goes on at your program on any given day.
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  • Twitter is great for keeping conversation flowing with member and potential members of your program and following along with trends happening in the sailing world.
  • Twitter is really useful on a day you are hosting an event, giving people Tweet updates about what is going, the weather, postponements- it’s a great way to keep people in the loop in real-time
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