South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association QUALIFICATION PROCESS

Wayzata Yacht Club  Wayzata, MN
September 25-29, 2018

for the Clifford D. Mallory Trophy


SAYRA (South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association) may submit one team for consideration to compete for the U.S. Adult Sailing Championship - Clifford D. Mallory Trophy.  The 2018 SAYRA (South Atlantic Yacht Racing Association) submission will be based first on resume selection, using the same criteria US Sailing will be using to make their final selections.  If more than three teams submit resumes, a one-day elimination round may be scheduled between June 9 and July 14, 2018.



Submit online application no later than May 21, 2018

  •  Resume to include all expected team members’ experience
  • Teams must be comprised of sailors from SAYRA and be members of sailing organizations that are members of SAYRA, and members in good standing of US Sailing.
  • Participants must turn, or be at least, 19 years of age in the calendar year of the Regatta.
  • Team members must be current members of US Sailing
  • Sailing organizations must be current members of US Sailing
  • Championship Event will be sailed in J22s using the league sailing format
  • Number of Crew: The number of crew for the Regatta will be three (3) or four (4) including the helmsperson. A team must start and finish each race of the event with the same number of sailors registered on that team.
  • Crew Weight: The total weight of the crew, including the skipper, dressed in at least shorts and shirts, must not exceed 605 lbs, determined at the time of registration and such other times as required by OA


Resumes will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • 40% Sailor Criteria – How many major events have they competed in the past three years; number of races in these events, number of attendants
  • 20% - Qualified through a regatta at the Regional Sailing Association level
  • 20% Class Criteria – size, diversity, depth and activity of class they consistently sail nationally
  • 10% - sailors under 30 make up 25% of the team
  • 10% - female sailors make up at least 25% of the team
  • Bonus: Additional 10% if a female is a helmsperson


The deadline for resume submission will be May 21, 2018 at 2359 hours, and the selected team will be notified by June 5th if selected or a sail-off is needed. (Applications are due to US Sailing by July 15, 2018).




If selected for the Championship, the SAYRA team may also be eligible to apply for the Helen Hanley Fund to support the travel to the finals.  Financial support is not guaranteed and you must apply for this funding. Full eligibility details can be found at:


SAYRA RSA Contact:  Treez Decker, (704) 287-5254 for questions