Words from the Commodore



Commodore’s Log


Springtime racing got off to bang for me with a clinic hosted by Laser District 12 (this old dog learned a few new tricks) followed by a super fun weekend regatta the next weekend at Lake Lanier Sailing Club.  The days are getting longer and warmer - this is what Spring is all about!
Then Mr. Corona virus (COVID-19 technically) comes calling and now the wheels seem to becoming off the bus.  We all know the story - in full gruesome, duplicative detail - but it hit hard for me with the cancellation of the NCAA Basketball tournament. Especially the Women’s side since I’m a proud Gamecock and our girls were rocking.  But not to be...
I am reminded of the virtues of our sport, especially small boat sailing.  Want to get away from the noise in a safe space?  Go sailing with a friend or by yourself.  While I hesitate to qualify sailing as a socially distancing, particularly given the camaraderie of regattas, it is true that you can get away.  And enjoy the healthy outdoors!
Several regattas have been cancelled, which saddens me, but hosts are making the best decisions they can.  Support them whether it’s cancellation or proceeding with the event as those are incredibly difficult calls. 
In the mean time, social distance, get your boat out and soak up some sunshine.  The flowers are still blooming and yes, it is warmer.  This will pass and we will get back to normal!
Commodore Robert