Commodores Corner


2023 summer is here, literally. As I look at the jam-packed SAYRA schedule, I reflect how lucky we are for such great hospitality at these events. Clubs, thank you for opening your doors to guests and showcasing all your club has to offer on and off the water! 


We all are very busy this time of year as schools come to a close, sailing camps fill our waterfronts, and regattas near and far lead to a great summer of fun! Take the time and see how you can help the local event - serving food, mark boat or just hospitality at the registration desk. There is literally something for everyone to be a part of the fun. 


Few not to miss items in this newsletter:

  • 2023 SAYRA Club & Women's Championship Please talk it up and get your teams together. 
  • 2023 Adult Sailing Championship - SAYRA has a resume entry finals are in VXONE - Come on, you know you want to go!
  • AREA D Sears Championship June 24-25  Clubs encourage your juniors to represent SAYRA and participate in this Area D Semifinal! (HH Funding to support this event) 

Lots of events have been loaded on the SAYRA Calendar. If your club's open event is not listed, please email


Let me know if I can help in anyway, 

Martine Zurinskas, Commodore SAYRA

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