You think your club can sail? Let’s find out!


The 2019 SAYRA Club Championship is a one day regatta held annually to determine which club has the best sailors. SAYRA clubs are encouraged to register a team to compete on J22s in Charleston harbor for the ultimate bragging rights!


Date: September 14




Notice of Race 2_28_19


Sailing Instructions (pending)


For more information, contract Patrick @ PCHISUM@GMAIL.COM

2018 SUMMARY - October 27, 2018


College of Charleston Sailing Center

Thank you to the CofC for use of the J22s and the hospitality and all the volunteers who made this event a reality! Special Thanks to Patrick for keeping everyone in line - highest participation ever! 


SAYRA 2018 Club Championship Winners...

CofC YC - Kuehn, Davidson, Michael.