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World Sailing offers a racing rule Question and Answer Service. World Sailing members have the opportunity to send questions in to a panel of experts. The experts answer and publish the questions and responses in a Question and Answer Booklet. These booklets are updated as required. Click here for a description of World Sailing's Question and Answer Service.


The Questions and Answers are not authoritative. Only the World Sailing Cases are authoritative which means US Sailing's Appeals Book is not authoritative. The Questions and Answers do offer good explanations to a variety of situations. 


The following are links to most of the Question and Answer Booklets that have been published:


QA Booklet April 2009

QA Booklet March 2010

QA Booklet December 2010

QA Booklet August 2011

QA Booklet February 2013

QA Booklet January 2014

QA Booklet February 2016

QA Booklet December 2018

QA Booklet November 2021

QA Booklet March 2022

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