Executive Committee (effective 12/2022)


Executive Committee
Commodore Martine Zurinskas
Immediate Past Commodore  Pete Marriott 
Secretary - General Joleen Rasmussen
Treasurer  Fran Boyd
US Sailing RSA Representative  Treez Decker
Race Management Committee Chairman  Chip Till
SAYRA Championship Co-Chairman Sarah Schaill Colarusso and Scott Weller
Junior Sailing Committee Chair Kim Bagnoni
Judges Committee Chairman Jerry Thompson
Appeals Committee Chairman Edith Collins
Helen Hanley Memorial Fund Grant Chairman  Windy Key
Helen Hanley Investment Oversight Chairman Pete Marriott 
Member at Large Sarah Ashton 
Member at Large Crawford Milling
Committee List
Nominating Committee  Pete Marriott Chair, Ken Corsig, Chuck Rushing, Hank Goodman, Commodore Martine Zurinskas
Budget Committee Fran Boyd (Chair), JC Moore (1-yrs), Jim Edwards (2-yr), Eli Putnam (3-yrs)
Appeals Committee  Edith Collins Chair, Sarah Ashton, Warren Collier, Mike Palazzo, JD Rosser, Jerry Thompson
Junior Sailing Committee Kim Bagnoni, Scott Olson or Becca Weil 
Race Management Committee Chip Till (Chair), Warren Collier, Vickie Matthews, JD Rosser, Jerry Thompson
Judges Committee Jerry Thompson (chair), Ken Gorni, Robert Kaiser, Nancy Parson
HHMF Grant Committee Windy Key (Chair), Alicia Smith, Rob Bowden, Fran Boyd, Treez Decker
HHMF Financial Investment Oversight Committee Pete Marriott (Chair), Robert Key, Fran Boyd, Todd Zurinskas
Parliamentarian Sarah Ashton 
Membership Secretary Ron Maquire
Webmaster VACANT - contact Commodore


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