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Originally delivered on 3/20/2019 6:25 pm

SUBJECT: SAYRA Sailing e-Newsletter - March

SAYRA MARCH e-Newsletter

So many great things going on in SAYRA ----- sailing season is off to a great start! 


Clubs confirm your teams- several have registered already! 

2019 Club Championships J22 - September 14th details HERE

**NEW** 2019 Club Women's Championship J22 - May 18th detailsHERE


SAYRA JR Grand Prix 2019 Series April Events

Atlanta YC Jr Olympics April 13-14 *fresh* LINK HERE
Lake Norman YC Race City 400 Regatta April 27-28 *fresh* HERE
website LINK HERE 
Opti Green/White/Blue/Red * Bic U13/+13 * Sunfish * Laser 4.7/Radial/Full * C420 Spin/trap & Non-spin

“The excitement for Charleston Race Week is certainly on the water, however, we welcome all non racers and family members  to join in the shoreside fun as a volunteer.  There are lots of exciting volunteer spots that will keep you engaged where the action is!  Please reach out to to sign up for a spot now!” 
Be a part of this AWESOME team!  SAYRA Hospitality is the best! 


Upcoming Instructor Trainer Courses - Level 1 SPACE LIMITED SIGN UP EARLY

Augusta SC - 4/6-9
University YC (Lake Lanier) 4/13-14 and 20/21
Western Carolina SC 4/26-29
Lake Norman YC 5/24-27

Little Washington Sailing School NC 5/30-6/2

Spaces limited at each one.... Sign up early!


March 23-24th - Geechee Sailing Club St. Patrick's Day Regatta

April 26th - CORA/SCYC Quicksilver Cup - Charleston to Hilton Head Overnight Race

May 3-4th SCYC Windmill Harbor Regatta

  CYCNC RC Prep can never start too early... 

CYCNC is launching a full blown RC program this year to encourage and support the RC program going into future years **Hello 2021 Lightning Worlds!** (We won the bid for that if you haven't heard), CYCNC is happy to share with our SAYRA Friends...  Most importantly they recently held a SPRING Thank You RC Party to kick off the year with over 70 attending! RECOGNIZE THEM and get them excited for 2019 and beyond! 
For Spring RC prep our team makes a checklist and preps the following:
  • Marks- Blow them up and see if they need any repairs/ updates
  • Inventory & Gear check- the worst thing that happens is losing air or running out of electrical tape when you REALLY need it. Inventory gear and put in an amazon order for anything that needs to be replenished (tape, air horns (although we went to electrical last year), zip ties etc.
  • Forms & Sheets- photocopy and organize all your forms for the upcoming season (these are awesome for that ) label the drawers- finish sheet, mark rounding sheet, scratch sheet etc for easy access
  • Build volunteer sign up- I actually looked at Lake Norman and y'all use signup genius, which was genius, so everyone can check their calendars and see which days they can  volunteer wayyyyy in advance. Although it may be hard to think about everything your club puts on, having that off your plate in the thick of it in the summer is a huge weight lifted (no more middle of the night wake ups on if we have enough volunteers for a particular day.)
  • Secure PROs/ Judges for events (ideally this is done at the end of last year/ early Jan at SAYRA meeting :-)!.
  • Keep track of what you are spending, ideally moving forward you can break each regatta ‘day’ out for a budget purposes. We will know how much we spend going into any regatta per day on gear/ gas/ equipment/ lunches etc. That can be added into your regatta budget/ estimate when putting in bids for events.  
  • For us we also look at the tide chart and make sure that the tide will be favorable for launching/ going through the inlet on ‘regatta’ or event days. 
Three main things we are doing for our Race Committee program (with a potential for four) depending on sign ups:

1) RC Education program (see attached ‘flyer’) CLICK HERE
2) ‘Rewards Program’ - The more you volunteer the more you get! Days volunteered on the water-
  • 2-4 days Race Committee logo embroidered Performance hat
  • 5-9 days Race Committee Long Sleeve with hood performance shirt 
  • 10+ days Race Committee screen printed Dry bag for all your RC gear and needs :) 

3) Babysitting

In an effort to relieve wives, wallets, husbands and more we are offering ‘babysitting’  at CYC during hours RC volunteers are needed. RSVPs must be giving 7 days in advance to make sure we have enough child care for the number of kids and CYC medical and liability forms must be signed for each child. 

4) Fleet specific volunteer days

 This is something we are going to target IF we don’t have sign ups from other places. Each ‘fleet’ - juniors, laser/ sunfish, lightning *can* be responsible for ensuring there are enough volunteers for an event to go on those days. As sailors, it is unfair to ask PROs to find volunteers when you are the ones benefiting! The volunteers need not be the fleet sailors, but getting friends/ family/ spouses/ spares out to help will only help build our events to be stronger and better than they have been! 

Thank you to Katrina Williams (Director) for sharing! 


Western Carolina DIVA Regatta with Jr Course 2019!

1 day of fun in the upstate! May 4th   CLICK HERE for details!  

Calendar Upcoming SAYRA of Events (full calendar here):

Get your CLUB 2019 OPEN EVENT schedule loaded - email 

Calendar - only as good as what the CLUBS submit - take a moment and look to see if your favorite event is listed!