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Originally delivered on 5/4/2020 11:35 am

SUBJECT: SAYRA Update 5-4-2020

SAYRA Update 5-4-2020

SAYRA Reminder- SAYRA YC Leadership Roundtable scheduled for May 5th at 5pm. This conference call is targeted at yacht club flag officers and other leadership to discuss overall response to the challenges of the pandemic. FULL newsletter from April 30th with the details HERE.


As items are shared, we are posting these links online in this location. Additions include.... Thanks to our Race Management Team lead by Chip Till (thank you team). 2 ways to keep racing going - Pursuit sailing and RC "lite". 

2020 Pursuit Race Best Practices  LINK

2020 RC "Lite" Best Practices LINK


US Sailing updates week of May 4th 

US Sailing CEO Update this week with good summary of upcoming programing. 

 US Sailing Leadership Forum streaming on The Starboard Portal this 

Thursday, May 7 at 5:30pm EDT/2:30pm PDT.

The online session will focus on updating the sailing community with best practices and resources that have been developed through the work of US Sailing staff and committee volunteers to provide key guidelines for return to water programming. US Sailing thanks all our members for their continued support through April and during these challenging times.


US Sailing Starboard Portal Schedule

LIVE Presentation Schedule

LINK HERE FOR PAST Presentations

  • Monday, May 4 @ 2pm EDT - Ed Cesare: "The World's Five Great 600 Miler Races - A Bucket List Tour"
  • Tuesday, May 5 @ 2pm EDT - Chuck Hawley: "Keeping Inflatable in Life Saving Condition"
  • Tuesday, May 5 @ 4pm EDT - Nikki Barnes and Lara Dallman-Weiss: "Perfect Vision Sailing - US Sailing W470 Athletes LTJG Nikole "Nikki" Barnes and Lara Dallman-Weiss' campaign for Tokyo 2020"
  • Wednesday, May 6 @ 2pm EDT - John Pearce: "Ideas for Adapting Junior Sailing Programs"
  • Thursday, May 7 @ 2pm EDT - Justin Assad: "ICSA Developing Team Series"
  • Thursday, May 7 @ 5:30pm EDT - "US Sailing Leadership Forum"
  • Friday, May 8 @ 10am EDT - Mike Kuschner of Sailing Performance Training: "Home Fitness"
  • Friday, May 8 @ 4:00pm ED : Tom Duggan, Peter Reggio and Lynn Lynch: "Stuff That's Not in the Book: High Performance Race Management for Every Regatta"