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Originally delivered on 12/21/2019 12:00 pm

SUBJECT: SAYRA 2019 Jr Series Summary



2019 has been a busy sailing season for our juniors in SAYRA. The Grand-Prix Series concluded in November with 8 regattas located all over the SAYRA region. Thank you to all the clubs that hosted a series event in 2019 and thanks to all the clubs that supported their travel teams helping them get on the road to events, coaching support and/or team swag. It was a great to see so many clubs represented at events this year. Thanks to all the parents and team leaders that helped get kids to events and made this series a reality.

SPECIAL shout out to all the sailors... their smiles and friendships at the events is what makes SAYRA so strong both on and off the water. The goal of the series is to promote regional youth sailing and we certainly did that in 2019 with growth in many areas. These sailors are just beginning their sailing journey together... THANK YOU SAYRA for supporting it.

Great job to everyone that was a part of the 2019 Jr. Grand-Prix! 

By the Numbers:

24 awards will be given at the Annual Meeting Jan. 25th

51 sailors qualified (up from 38 in 2018)

261 sailors participated (up from 235 in 2018)

Award summary HERE   and Series Summary HERE

 Thank you to Coral Reef that are supporting our trophy SWAG awards given at the Annual Meeting January 25th!  

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