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Originally delivered on 6/15/2018 7:42 am

SUBJECT: SAYRA Sailing e-Newsletter - June

SAYRA June e-Newsletter

Commodore Notes... 

Converting Novice Sailors to Active Ones...

At sailing clubs around the country this summer, many will try sailing for the first time or work to advance their skill set.  Some will be hooked from the first experience, others will come to love the sport over time, and a few will complete a class or camp and decide sailing is not for them.  Those who are hooked from the beginning often love the freedom, challenge and exhilaration the sport provides.  I identify most with the group of sailors who live for racing and regatta weekends.  CONTINUE 

 2018 Club Championships - October 27th 

All the details are HERE - already over 4 teams committed - one team per club!

SAYRA Jr Grand Prix Series #3 -

Hobcaw Yacht Club July 13-15 INFO


US Sailing - Area D Semi-finals June 15-17 JIYC and CofC

Good luck to all the teams participating this weekend. We have more SAYRA jr sailors pre-registered in this Semifinal event than we have EVER had before!  GO teams from - Atl YC, Lake Lanier SC, Augusta SC, Lake Norman YC, CYCNC, SCYC, Hobcaw YC, JIYC! Look for weekend results HERE!

Calendar Upcoming SAYRA of Events (full calendar here):

Get your CLUB 2018 schedule loaded - email

Calendar - only as good as what the CLUBS submit - take a moment and look to see if your favorite event is listed!