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Originally delivered on 5/26/2020 12:00 pm

SUBJECT: SAYRA May 26th - Race Management Update

May 26th e-Newsletter Race Management Edition

SAYRA SAILING Race Management Resources

We continue to post great Race Management resources on the website. Updates this week include great content from the SAYRA Race Management Team.  Thank you for your continued support! Check out the JIYC NOR or SCYC NOR for great examples of upcoming events that have included language about Covid 19.

Note from JD Rosser:

In their effort to continue Race Management training seminars during this time, US Sailing has developed an on-line training capability.  This BASIC RACE MANAGEMENT seminar is conducted over 3 evenings with 2.5 hours segments using both Zoom and Canvas.  All the “homework” that will be to be completed is found in the Canvas repository and is access directly by each individual who has signed up for the seminar.  There are still study questions on the rules to be done but in the Canvas  environment where you get the answers as soon as you submit your answers.  They have also added fun quizzes that builds on your knowledge on signal flags and when they are used.  In the next few weeks, a new sign up process for these seminars will be available on the US Sailing website. We will email you when registration goes live!

This will be the new way that Race Management training will be delivered and at this time there is no expectation that the former seminar format will continue to be used.  Will the Advanced Race Management Seminar format be changed?  There is still much discussion within US Sailing concerning the topic and no firm recommendation has been accepted at this time.

If you need to attend an Advanced RM Seminar to maintain your Regional or National certification, please contact me directly.  In Area D there are two certified Instructors for this seminar, Tim Rumptz and myself.  There will be updates to Race Official training coming from US Sailing as sailing gets back to normal. If you and others are interested in attending an on-line Part 2 Rules presentation via Zoom, please contact me and we can set one up.

JD Rosser, Area D ARO   843-810-9828

Tune in to the Thursday US Sailing STARBOARD PORTAL - Thursday, May 28 at 2pm EDT - US Sailing Leadership Forum - Race Management Panel - Graham Biehl, Matt Duggan, and Donna Sue Marks: Important Considerations for Return to Racing Starboard Portal

SAYRA Race Management Website Updates CLICK HERE

New Race Management Resources!!! Check these out - Thank you Jerry, Chip, Warren, JD, Vickie! 

Preparatory and Penalty Flags

Pursuit Race - Best Practices

Race Committee "Lite" Best Practices

Setting the Starting Line

Trapezoid Courses



  • May 26 at 4pm EDT - US Sailing Team: Luther Carpenter, Olympic Head Coach - A Coach Perspective
  • Wednesday, May 27 at 2pm EDT - Travis Odenbach and Kris Werner of Quantum Sails: Local Knowledge and Regatta Prep for Rochester, NY
  • Thursday, May 28 at 2pm EDT - US Sailing Leadership Forum - Race Management Panel - Graham Biehl, Matt Duggan, and Donna Sue Marks: Important Considerations for Return to Racing
  • Thursday, May 28 at 4pm EDT  - College Sailing Panel: ICSA Developing Teams Series with Justin Assad
  • Friday, May 29 at 2pm EDT - Stan and Sally Honey with Gary Jobson: Rolex Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the Year Series

The Starboard Portal is a new video channel that keeps sailors connected to their sport with resourceful videos and live content featuring a variety of knowledgeable experts. Video archives are available.

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