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Originally delivered on 12/27/2018 2:53 pm

SUBJECT: SAYRA Sailing End of Year Newsletter

End of Year e-newsletter 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year everyone;

As we close out 2018, I think about the great year that we've had in SAYRA.  Wonderful sailing, great regattas and outstanding friends.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Annual Meeting (please register). David Reddaway, who heads up the Helen Hanley Memorial Fund Selection Committee authored the wonderful message below, which I submit for your consideration.

Regards, Your faithful and humble Commodore Key


It’s A Wonderful World of Sailing 

I think we’d all agree and SAYRA makes it better. At the root, we all enjoy the wind, water, and boats we sail. The adrenaline rush of competitive racing, the pleasure of a sunset cruise or just hanging out with sailors are the things we love. It’s a life time of enjoyment. Inherently, we introduce OUR sport to friends and family – but wait – according to US Sailing our sport is in decline. Say it’s not so!  How can something we love so much be failing!

More importantly, how can we right the ship? Never fear SAYRA has an opportunity for you to help by sacrificing just 5 minutes. How is that so?

  • Minute 1: Get them interested. You can assist in the training and education for others which ingrains a love for the sport in the student. SAYRA has trained hundreds of Level One and Two instructors, Race Officers, and Judges perpetuating the knowledge and creating ambassadors for sailing. Now, when first introduced, a new person is in good hands.
  • Minute 2: Support their activity. US Sailing is our National Authority and SAYRA supports it’s members for all regional (Area D), national championship events as set forth by US Sailing, and Opti Team Trials and Opti National Team Events. This includes regattas for men, women and children!
  • Minute 3: Sustain their interest. Continued education is supported by SAYRA. We regularly send a delegation of presenters and attendees to US Sailing’s Annual National Symposium.
  • Minute 4: Make your way to your computerand go to . On the left-hand side of the page, click on “Donate to the Helen Hanley Fund today!”.
  • Minute 5: Be generous. Reflect on this year and plan 2019 answering one question – how much can you contribute? No amount is too small!

The Helen Hanley Memorial Fund is a tax-exempt fund encouraging and supporting SAYRA members to:

  • participate in US Sailing sponsored Championship events and
  • conduct and encourage participation in training programs, especially those directed principally toward the development of the sailing abilities of our youth and the training of youth instructors, and
  • compete at a National Level in the Optimist sailboat.

This encouragement is expressed by means of financial assistance to qualified applicants from this fund.  Help SAYRA’s HHMF support our SAYRA members, encourage friends and family to explore sailing in all its facets.   Think about it, the HHMF is SAYRA’s growth and promotion engine to help introduce and sustain member’s interest.  Be a part of the movement and contribute today! HHF INFO

Thank you, David Reddaway

PS: Don’t forget to get your friends and/or family involved in our sport today Make it a 2019 goal to take at least 1 person who has not been sailing before for a ride on your boat.  If we all have that simple goal, we will make a difference to our sport long term.