Race Management Update

August 2019


Chip Till – SAYRA Race Management Chair



SAYRA currently has 48 certified US Sailing Race Officers:

                        1 – National Race Officer (NRO)

                        8 – Regional Race Officers (RRO)

                        39 – Club Race Officers (CRO)


                      CURRENT LIST OF CERTIFIED RACE ADMIN 11-14-18


Upcoming local US Sailing Race Management Seminars:

           October 5, 2019                One Day Race Management Seminar (Charleston SC) HERE to register



            US SAILING COURSES (other classes/locations - full national listing)


New Race Management tools available soon:

            Course set-up and mark location calculator

            Detailed wind angle chart

            Racing Flags of Sailing presentation

            Race Officer location map


Current Race Management activities:

            Create a Race Management Committee

            Update the website links

            Publish a certification expiration and required re-certification report


Questions - CHIP - chiptill5351@gmail.com 


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