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Originally delivered on 1/18/2019 12:35 pm

SUBJECT: SAYRA January E-Newsletter

January E-Newsletter

SAYRA Keynote Speaker Change

SAYRA friends:

I’m sad to announce that Cory Sertl, the President of US Sailing, will not be able to attend the Convention and speak to us next weekend.  Unfortunately Cory has a detached retina and the treatment for such calls for serious quiet time and definitely no travel.  Trust me when I say that she’d rather be with us!

The exciting news is that in scratching our heads for alternatives, we realized that one of the components of great clubs and regattas is the theme of sustainability.  It’s a concept that we see popping up more and more, not only in major regattas like US Sailing Championship events, the Volvo Ocean Race and our own Charleston Race Week, but in areas that impact our own clubs – like water resource management and reduction in single use plastic containers.

We are extremely fortunate to have a speaker literally in our back yard with expert knowledge on sustainability practices that are specific to our sport.  Mark Robertson is the State Director of South Carolina for The Nature Conservancy which has worked to protect the lands and more importantly the waters where we play, since 1951.  He spent time in the Florida Keys before moving to South Carolina, so he knows the ocean, but he also knows the lakes and the value of the lands around these waters.  He’s also a great personal friend and sailor, so the themes with which we are concerned are important to him as well.  I know you will enjoy hearing some of his perspectives on sustainability and why it’s important to us, our clubs and our sport.   

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Robert Key, Commodore


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