US Sailing - Area D Semi-finals 


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Area D has established the dates for the US Sailing Jr. Chubb Championships (Sears, Bemis, Smythe) qualifiers. Thanks to Sam, Area D Coordinator and DYRA and GYA Jr. Rep, for pulling everything together.


Sears Semi-Final Championships for Area D

Jackson Yacht Club on June 13-14 in J22s.

No word yet on a practice on Friday June 12th.

If possible, another boat may be substituted for the J22s, such as the Viper.


Bemis/Smythe Semi-Final Championship for Area D

Pensacola YC -This is in conjunction with their Junior Olympic Regatta on June 26-28.

We will have some practice races on Friday the 26th.


The NOR for the championship is  being reviewed and reworded on by a sub committee of the US Sailing JR Championship board.

As soon as the whole committee meets and agrees on them, they will be sent to be added into the Regatta’s NORs.


Questions - Area D Coordinator for Chubb U.S. Jr Championships: 

Dan Machowski

Area D Chubb US JR Championships

843-343-7141  cell